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Since 1995 Iniziativa Sviluppo is a global real estate developer expert in commercial buildings, Residential Care for Elderly and hotel.

Iniziativa Sviluppo may be Investor, either alone or in partnership with other.
At the request of property owners and investors, can provide advice for the overall of real estate investments: selection of different types of buildings and their sizing, considering the characteristics of the land and the market of which is located; urban planning, building design, financial planning; assistance in dealing with banks and public Authorities; project management.

Of particular importance was the purchase of the Palace Hotel Bari, made in 2006, event to which the Corriere della Sera has devoted a long article. See larger view

GianMario Cazzaniga, A life between bricks and carts

Il Corriere - 22 Luglio 2021

When, more than 35 years ago, the race to develop supermarkets and shopping centres began, he was there, between a building site and a distribution network to be acquired, while the world of commercial distribution was changing profoundly.

Years of apprenticeship at the number One's court, Bernardo Caprotti, who made Esselunga a model for the whole of Europe.

Then other years at the Standa of His Emittance, Silvio Berlusconi, which was the House of the Italians, but in need of so much renovation that in the end it was sold, a part to COIN and another to the Austrians of Billa. A paradox for the Milan that made the Cinque Giornate.

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